Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eating my Texts

Shortly after I blogged about not having a cell phone, I got one. I knew I would, since I was about to depart for my little trip to visit Grandparents who don't really believe in unnecessary expenditures, such as long-distance phone calls. Please note: I knew they would be happy to let me use their phone, but since they themselves don't use it for such frivolous things like conversations to see if the baby took a decent nap or to request brownie recipes, it would be inconsiderate for me to take advantage of their generosity. Plus, I think it's optimal when traveling alone and at night to have a cell phone. Airport pickup alone makes it worth it.

The cell phone I got is a pre-paid, you pay ten cents per minute and 5 cents per text. Your minutes last for a certain number of days before they expire. The phone itself looks and operates like a toy- nothing too tough or fancy. It has very few features and is not attractive in any way, shape, or form. What is the point when I lose or break everything anyway?

But I'm finding that the best part about having a cell phone is something that I complained about earlier. This is it: since people are so glued to their phones and so responsive to texts, I have finally discovered a world wherein I can get an immediate response. Because Mark goes to many long (and probably boring) meetings, he can't be contacted for hours at a time on occasion, which drives me crazy when I need a simple question answered. However, everyone takes their blackberries into said meetings, and since it is culturally acceptable to be looking at/typing on one's blackberry at any given time, he can text!!! Finally, I have broken the barrier. You'll see this next on The Office or in Dilbert.

A White Christmas

This year for Christmas, we couldn't travel anywhere, because Mark's job has been very busy and informed all employees that there would be no time off this year. That was pretty sad news to the children, and Felicity was especially heartbroken. She had hoped that we could go to Utah to see family there and to play in the snow. So she kept wishing aloud that we'd have snow here instead. I told her that was very unlikely, since it snows just a couple times a year in North Texas, and to time it with Christmas would just be too lucky.

On Christmas Eve, we decided to head to the local Bass Pro store to see the fish, ride the carousel, and make requests from Santa. It's all free, and provided a good diversion from boredom and distraction from impending events. Before we left, my friend we were meeting there called and reported that it was supposed to snow, which made me scoff at the weathermen, since it was in the mid-70s the day before. However, before we left the store, snow was falling pretty thickly and rapidly all over the ground. I was sure that it would stop by the afternoon and melt by evening.
Katrina, Max, Santa, Matthew, and Felicity. Katrina decided to make a last minute request change.

I was wrong about the snow- it kept falling, even past six, when Mark got home. My cousin's family came for Christmas Eve dinner and got into a fender bender on the way thanks to the weather and the limited shoulder space (construction), but they were all safe, fortunately. We broke away from the turkey tradition to have ham instead, but Mark and I both missed it. Afterward we had our traditional Nativity play:

2 Wise men (one in soccer socks, couldn't find the tights) riding to find the Christ child

Max sending off the dinner guests, and saying goodnight to the snow

But although the snow eventually stopped, it was cold enough to stick around for several more hours, and when we got up in the morning, it looked strangely wintery:

Despite very little sleep, we all got up to open gifts and we were all very excited:

Kids peering down from upstairs railing, trying to catch a glimpse

Max's new wheels, traded in for one with a handle (hey, I have a bad back)

Mark and Matthew fishing for stocking stuff

The girls went out to play in the snow before we could even have breakfast or open gifts under the tree.

Katrina in her pjs and coat, playing in the snow

Felicity shows her loyalty for Alabama Football, a gift from Aunt Rewa. You might notice the short hairs all around her head, she cut her hair a few days before "because it was too tangly."

So for the first time in several decades, TX had a White Christmas. I guess Felicity really did get everything she wanted this year!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow and Santa

Here are the boys outside one morning after we got some snow. It was about 33 degrees and very wet snow, so I opted to take pictures instead of playing in the cold damp stuff. It warmed up and melted before the girls got home from school.

Santa made a surprise appearance at our ward party. Matthew made sure that everyone knew it was really Brother Hall and was very proud of himself for outing him. Max didn't care and ran right up to him for hugs and candy canes. He will do just about anything for candy canes. Maybe he's part elf?