Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ooku Matthew

Pinoeer children grimaced as they rode their bikes around the church parking lot

About a month ago, Matthew came home from an outing with Daddy and his sisters and started calling me Ooku Mama. I assumed it was from something Mark had done with him or maybe a Star Wars Obscure Character. But no, this was just an Original Matthew Title. Mark is Ooku Daddy and yesterday I heard the baby called Ooku Maxwell. So I call him Ooku Matthew in return.

Swimming at the Scera in Arm, UT

I used to think the anti-girl sentiment of boys was learned, but Matthew is out to prove me wrong. He has now gone 4 weeks absolutely refusing to go to nursery because he "doesn't want to see the girls there." It is driving us crazy. When I point out to him that I am a girl, he tells me, "That's why I'm sitting by Daddy." Since when does Mommy have cooties?

Relay races w/ Uncle Kent in Pine Valley

And the latest little "gem" from Mr. Contrary is this: yesterday, Max was wearing a onesie that read, "Am I cute or what?" Matthew told me, "He's what."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scattergories tag

What is your name? JoEllen
4 letter word: joke
Vehicle: Jalopy
TV show: judging amy
Body part: jugular vein
Girl name: Jerusha
Boy name: Jorge
Occupation: Juggler
Something you wear: Jersey jumper
Food: Jello jigglers
Something found in a bathroom: Jergens lotion
Excuse for being late: Just woke up
Something you shout: Jerk!
Movie: Journey to the Center of the Earth
Musical Group: Jackson 5
Summertime activity: Jumping off the high dive
School subject: Japanese

anyone? anyone?

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm a comin' home ta you...

We have been in Alabama and Kansas but are almost done with our Summer of 5,000 miles. We return home on Saturday night to our own house and will be done messing up other people's homes. I must admit, the prospect of no longer living out of a suitcase is starting to really seem like a good idea. We sure have enjoyed seeing our family though, and it's been fun to have some distractions while Mark does his Deloitte thing.

On another note, I wanted to comment on the show, "Family Feud". Mark's family loves this game show and one of our jokes is that someday we'll appear on it ourselves, to duel against some other family. For whatever reason, there seems to be a lot of diversity on this game show. We were watching it one day last week and Felicity came back in the room wanting to know who won. We told her which family did and she was relieved: "Oh good, because the black people won last time." Just so ya know, she really likes things to be equitable, because she identifies with both groups. Although fake cheese appeals only to black people, as she told my brother Kent some time ago.